Bajaj WPX 3 Water Purifier

MRP : 6,290.00

Water Purifier


Bajaj WPX 3 Water Purifier is an ISI marked product that comes with a unique, in-built ultra-violet eye system and 3+1 stage water purification process. It also features an electronic monitoring system for the flow of water with a SMPS system which checks for the voltage and rectifies it automatically. 

Design and Dimensions: 

The sleek and compact Bajaj water purifier can be easily mounted on the wall of your kitchen to save your space. The elegant white tone of the purifier adds to its charm and enhances the beauty of your kitchen. It is equipped with a long lasting food grade 304 SS UV chamber. This water purifier has been especially designed for low water pressure like loft tank installation.

Water Purification Technology: 

This ISI marked Bajaj WPX 3 Water Purifier purifies water by mechanical filtration and processing, making it fit for consumption. Water coming out of taps from faucets is contaminated with dirt, sand, rust and other particulate matter. Almost all sources of surface water contain bacteria and viruses which need to be removed to prevent the risk of waterborne diseases. The highly efficient Bajaj WPX 3 water purifier cleans water through four stage process and protects you from many deadly diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery, Diarrhea, Gastroenteritis, Polio, etc. There is an external pre-filter with stainless steel mesh to remove the large particles. It comes equipped with a 5 micron multilayer sediment filter that removes physical impurities such as dirt, rust, sand, etc. The silver impregnated activated carbon removes color, odor, free chlorine, dissolved gases and other organic impurities. The sediment and granular activated carbon has a life of around 6000 Liters. The UV lamp life is 6000 working hours.

Other Features: 

This WPX 3 water purifier comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty to ensure you complete peace of mind.

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