Bajaj Majesty Mini Induction Cooker

MRP : 1,999.00



Portable, compact, easy to use and round in shape, the Bajaj ceramic induction cooktop is the ideal induction stove for someone who is constantly on the move and needs to quickly prepare something to eat or drink.  While the induction cook top is perfect for individual use, it can come handy even for a family; in case they need to prepare more dishes at the same time but the burners on the stove don’t suffice. Get it today from Embellish.


Time and Temperature Setting


The mini induction has two preset cooking menus. This means you won’t need to constantly hover around it for worry of food spilling over. You can preset the temperature according to your needs; whether it is to simply warm food or cook a dish.


Power Consumption


One of the best features of the Bajaj ceramic induction cooktop is the quick and efficient heating. The induction with 2 preset cooking menus consumes 12000 Watt does not take too long to heat unlike heaters which takes time to heat. All that you need is for it to be connected to a power source and you can then adjust the settings according to your requirements. The efficient and quick heating also helps you conserve energy thereby also ensuring that it does not lead to a significant increase of your monthly electricity bills.


Easy to Use


The Bajaj ceramic induction cooktop is easy to use and has manual temperature control. This means you can increase or decrease the temperature. There is also a menu button to help you explore your cooking requirements and options. The feather touch controls also makes operation easy and convenient. The round shape it also makes it ideal for round utensils.  The compact size and shape is an added advantage without a doubt.


Easy to Clean


The round electric cooker is made of ceramic and hence it is easy to clean. You can keep it hygienic and clean at all times. All that you would need to keep it clean the induction cook top is a soft buffing cloth of a damp cloth to ensure 100% clean and hygienic cleaning every time.


Compatible Utensils


The Bajaj ceramic induction cooktop is convenient to use with almost any types of utensils as it is made of ceramic. Right from stainless steel to aluminium, you can use almost any kind of utensils on it. The round shape of the durable cooker makes it ideal especially for small tea pots or a small frying pan. The compact size, the efficiency and the portability makes it perfect especially for individual use while it can also come handy for family.


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